The Sky~

There’s something I’ve noticed recently. The sky is both so physically and metaphorically beautiful. The clouds that are present create such a pretty pattern across the sky. You could say that the sky is mother nature’s canvas. She paints on it with beautiful colors that has bright and vibrant colors in such beautiful designs. But of course that’s not the only thing that is amazing about the sky. The sky holds a deeper meaning than just having clouds in a shape of a dragon or a robot.

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Art Isn’t A Waste of Time

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all doodled in class at least once in class when the teacher was droning on and on class about something that you are going to forget by the time class is over. But “art isn’t a waste of time”. It’s a very good way to express how you feel at the moment. This blog that my friend wrote explains that even though art comes in different forms, it all comes down to the same thing and that is expressing your inner emotions. Even though some may think that art is just something to pass time, this blog explains that its a way of life and something that everyone should give a try

ramblr's voice

The song “Night” by Avicii is a song that I love because of how simple it is. I also love the introduction, because it tells a simple life lesson that all people should know. The song expresses m desire to leave a lasting image on this world without have to make a ton of cash for doing what I do.

Art is a way to freedom through expressing one’s self. It is a form of expression that has lasted since the beginning of man’s existence on Earth. A way to tell stories about oneself, with pictures and words, all while pouring in the emotions that are being felt by both you and others that are similar to you. The way you right is the way you act, behave, and go about everyday life. There are many, many different feelings and conditions that can be explained through art; and…

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He Who Taught Me Magic

I raced through the forest, scrambling over huge tree roots and dodging overhanging branches. Looking over my shoulder I see the royal guards running after me. Trying to escape their view, I start running in a zigzag pattern and run behind a large tree. I put my hand over my mouth so that they can’t hear me breathing. Slowly they close in near the tree I was hiding behind. My heart starts pounding harder and harder and I could hear blood roaring through my ears. I squeeze my eyes shut as they get nearer. ‘It’s all over for me. I’m gonna get caught and forced back into that living hell.’ I thought to myself. All of a sudden, I hear a noise from above and I look up. There was a man laying in the tree, napping. He was saying something inaudible and it was like time had slowed down. Ice appeared out of nowhere and the guards slipped on it. I look back up at the tree and saw that the man was gone. Taking a peek from behind the tree, I saw him standing in front of the group of armed men. ‘Woah, it’s a mage. They’re so rare nowadays.’ The mage put his hands up and said an incantation that was barely audible. Fire came out of his palm and scorched the soldiers in the front line. Those that didn’t get burned by the flames were shocked to see who the mage was, ‘N-no way! It’s, it’s Gale!!!! R-r-retreat!!!!!’ The entire squad of guards tripped over one another, trying to get away from the powerful mage. I stood there with my mouth open and flabbergasted. ‘Wow! That was pretty awesome!!’, I said. Gale turned around and pointed at me accusingly, ‘It’s all your fault-’

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Procrastinating At Its Finest

Honestly, procrastination is going to be the end for us high schoolers. We’re looking up random memes online and watching weird Youtube videos at 12 in the morning, when there’s a five page essay that’s due tomorrow in class. It’s almost as if we get older, the less we are inclined to do our work. We try to avoid those responsibilities in order to not bore ourselves to death.

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Child Labor

Let’s face it. You probably still have that pile of old and dirty laundry sitting in the corner of the room to do. Or how about those pile of dishes you said you were going to clean about an hour ago? Caught you red handed didn’t I? Your mom is probably yelling at you to clean you room as we speak. But probably some of you guys reading this have no idea what it feels like to be hit or beaten when you don’t do whatever someone else tells you to do. Sadly, there are people on the other side of the world that are being beaten and whipped as we speak.

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Being a Kungfu Master

I’ve always wondered how cool it would be to become a kungfu master or just to learn how to do taekwondo. But being the little naive girl I was, I never took into the account on how hard it would be to train to become a black belt, let alone being a master. Just last week on Tuesday, my high school’s tennis team went to the weight room to work out. However me and a few other friends didn’t want to lift weights. So we did some box jumping and one of our friends went to a wall and did calf lifts. My and my other friend came and joined her and after a little while our calves became sore. That’s when we asked her what she was doing this for. She said that she is doing this workout for her taekwondo class and that she must do three reps of 50 everyday. I brushed it off, thinking that it was something that she did everyday since she was little and that she was already used to it. All of a sudden she said that she wanted to do some aerials. At first I didn’t understand what she wanted to do until she explained that she wanted to show me that she could do a cartwheel, using no hands. I nodded and said that it would be awesome to see her do an aerial. When she finally performed the aerial, she couldn’t stick the landing and slide on the grass. Luckily she didn’t get injured. She attempted to do it a few more times but failed. She swears that she could do it and that the grass was too slippery. And that’s how it all started.

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Walking down the dark street, I breath into my hands to try to warm them up. It was a chilly night and the breeze wasn’t helping much. I wanted to go home as soon as I can so I wouldn’t have to deal with this freezing cold weather any longer. Trying to hurry home as fast as I can, I hear something shuffling behind me. I pushed the sound away, thinking it was just the wind blowing trash away. But as the sound got closer and closer, I started to slightly panic. I pick up the speed and rounded the corner. The thing was still following me and I started to jog a little. Trying to prevent myself from getting attack at night I started to take corners left and right, trying to lose it. However it just kept following me. Read More

The “Quoted” Story

I take a step forward and look into dark forest. Taking a deep breathe, I turn to my partner, Eric, and I could see that he was shaking. I put my hand on his shoulder and he turns to me. Giving him a light smile, “‘It’s not about being unafraid. It’s about being afraid and doing it anyways.’ ‘The only things we’re allowed  to do is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.’” The glint in his eyes change and looks up and closes his eyes to clear his head. When he finally looks at me again, he says quietly, “‘I’d rather live a life of ‘oh wells’ than ‘what ifs‘.’Let’s do this Timothy!” I nodded my head and we took off, running into the unknown darkness.

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Motivation in a Jar

So I’m sure all of us have had a bad moment at least  once in our life. You know, when you get depressed because your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you or you just think about how life sucks right now. Or when you wake up in the morning and you think, Ugh, today is going to be so bad, and then the day really does suck. Everything we try to do doesn’t really make it better. Sometimes you think that life really just hates you but I don’t think so. I believe that if today is the worst day of your life, then you know that tomorrow is going to be better. Nothing can stop you from living how you want to live except yourself. Everyone is fighting something within their hearts. Whether it be from pressure and expectation to do well in school or depression, everyone is struggling with something, no matter how big or small it is.

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What Exactly is Anime???

You may think you know what anime is…it’s for nerds and weirdos. But trust me, once you start, you can’t stop. And soon enough, you’ll be dragging nonbelievers into the whirlpool of corruption too. So many of us have heard the term or overheard it in a conversation one way or another. I’m sure you all have heard of Naruto or One Piece or Sailor Moon at least one time in your life. So many people think that anime is a waste of time and money or just something that only nerdy people do. Well what happens if I tell you that anime is like a form of art. For all of you non anime watchers, don’t click away just yet. There is more to it than meets the eye.
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